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Update day: 20-01-2024

Location: Davao del Norte Davao

Category: IT - Software

Industry: Telecommunications

Position: Associate

Job type: Full-time

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At Globe, our goal is to create a wonderful world for our people, business, and nation. By uniting people of passion who believe they can make a difference, we are confident that we can achieve this goal.

Job Description

Designs, develops, documents the technical standards for the Access Network. Develop and maintain Access Network architecture diagrams. Development test plans and supporting documentation of all Access Network configuration upgrades, additions or revisions. Drive Access Network engineering projects by participating in the planning of network architecture, design. Effectively coordinate team-work activities, organizing and running effective meetings. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with internal business partners. Execute handoff plan and knowledge transfer to Implementation Teams. Helps plan projects or subtasks. Including planning required outside of the immediate or assigned tasks. Identify improvement opportunities in organizational process or technical environment. Identify opportunities to increase Access Network reliability and reduce costs.

Provides a daily regional update for FTTH and VDSL deployment.

Knowledgeable in reviewing Technical Site Survey Reports (TSSR’s) involving MSAN’s and OLT’s for signing and keeping database records.

Responsible for Engineering Work Plan and design.

Responsible for MOP review and endorsement for new site integration, card expansion and port augmentation.

Optimization Works And Addresses MSAN/OLT Node Vulnerabilities.

Meets with project stakeholders to resolve project dependencies and align project deliverables.

Monitors equipment allocation and knows how to divert into quick win sites.

Manage and ensure that all projects do have budget allocation.

Knowledgeable and familiar in using MyCom, NCE-FAN, NMS, Netcool, LAS, AppSense, RadCom performance tools and platforms

Able to regularly monitor the performance of wireline network (latency, usage, throughput and utilization)

Create performance dashboards and report on timely cadences.

BOQ creation and endorsement to Budget provisioning team.

Extend support to internal and external clients and customers.

Constant collaboration with other departments involved to ensure national & regional network are in good quality.

Provide analysis on OLT/MSAN loop status and health check.

Validate 10G port availability on aggregators and coordinate to transport team for augmentation and upgrade.

Reports network quality status, risks, dependencies, issues and escalations involving regional domains.

Meets with Vendor’s VDSL, FTTH and EUL team for alignment of target sites.

Responsible for providing IP, VLAN and VCID parameters for site integration.

Ensure network resiliency and high quality performance

Attend network related complaints such as capacity and vulnerability issues and address it with appropriate solutions for both broadband consumers and high valued clients.

Site inspection and testing reports.

Creates report dashboards, analysis and facility mapping assessments for subs migration of xDSL to FTTH and LTE to FTTH.

Align and collaborate with the vertical and horizontal stakeholders

Assessment of integrated sites if aligned with the planning and engineering stage prior acceptance.

Acceptance of newly integrated sites with respective no of ports/lines referring to acceptance checklist and handover to OPS for maintenance.

Regularly updates Wireline database and AS-built

Match the demand/nominal ports/lines to equipment being allocated to suffice business requirements.

In-charge of providing solutions on special events.

Deliver deliverables bounded by standard process.

Constantly reviews the policies and procedures and seeks to improve these to influence better results of managing vendors.

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Deadline: 05-03-2024

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