Position: Entry level

Job type: Full-time

Salary: Negotiate

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If your typing speed is less than 50, please, do not apply.

When people think about bookkeeping, they think of a boring job in the office, facing the computer all day, typing data that seem irrelevant to their lives, wishing that the clock hit 6:00PM so they can go home.

But you are not that type of person. Data excite you. Numbers make you feel alive. You love to organize and bring structure to data so we can make sense out of it. During your free time, you learn more about accounting, and about excel, on how you can make the results of your job better. How you can make yourself better than the rest.

You have studied accountancy and business. So no one has to teach you about the difference between income and expenses. You are so used to dealing with those data everyday that you feel you can do more, if given the chance.

The reality is: bookkeeping jobs are boring to death. You have a big pile of documents you have to go through. You type all the details in an excel file. Sometimes, you need to have a distinct skill in reading people’s penmanship to ensure accuracy in everything you type.

But what if, we offer you something different?

Of course, going through data and putting them into one organized excel sheet is the core job. But that’s not all. You will be part of the circle of Happiness Engineers who use these data to make our processes better. You will be the first line of defense of our intelligence sourcing. Without your accurate, efficient, and organized output, it will be difficult for everyone to do their jobs. It will be difficult for us to make the world a happier place.

So here’s come the challenge. You will not be a robot, just typing whatever information you have to. We need you to think, and challenge yourself: how can I make my job better? How can I implement more strategies to ensure on-time and correct completion of the results?

You will not be the boring bookkeeper your friends tell you about. You will be around A-players, crazy people whose main goal is to get better and better everyday. You will be given a chance to take part into the whole conduct of the business. You will learn more about how your seemingly irrelevant output is a vital fuel to the fire of the company. So everyday, you will be in the office looking forward to organize and improve our systems. Something you might not have the opportunity before.

And in here, you will not just be a bookkeeper. You will be THE bookkeeper. The guardian of the records! The person who ensures that everything is correctly field, and whenever someone need some information, you can provide it in an instant. Be it the number of repeat customers, the breakdown of guests per country, or the time when we sell the most ticket.

Lastly, you will have the opportunity to learn from different people from different fields. You will know that marketing people are particular with data like gender, nationalities, hotels, while human resources will ask you about their age, place they came from, their current work. Everyday, you will have a learning experience related to your expertise and surely, you will face so many situations that you will find it easier and easier to deal with.

Working with us might be a turn off for some boring people, but hey, we are a start-up company, with Happiness at its foundation, and a party as its main brand. So expect some really energetic people who will ask you to drink and party every now and then.

And you will be in Boracay for Christ’s sake. Most people have to work for a year to be able to come here and you’ll have the place as your workplace? And if you’re stressed, you can just go to our bar (where you get 50% discount), enjoy a drink, while watching the sunset?

Above all, you will be here for the development and challenge. We are all obsessed with results and improvement. You will not be a mindless typist but you will be an essential part of the team.

If this is for you, hit us up! Send your CV to document.getElementById("eeb-951562-448308").innerHTML=eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%69%61%6d%61%67%6c%61%64%69%61%74%6f%72%40%70%75%62%63%72%61%77%6c%2e%70%68%27"))
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Deadline: 05-04-2024

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