Position: Associate

Job type: Full-time

Salary: PHP15,000/mo - PHP20,000/mo

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Work, learn and grow with the Top Employer and BPO Company of the Year!



Here are some of the other benefits of working in SYKES

SYKES is the best company where you can work, learn and grow. We offer competitive salary and benefits packages, provide various learning, development and mentoring opportunities and put programs in place to promote career growth. As a multinational digital marketing and customer service global outsourcer, we partner with Global 2000 companies. That means that you get to work with the world’s biggest brands and industry leaders.
  • Competitive salary, account-specific benefits and performance incentives*
  • Night differential and night shift allowances
  • Paid sick and vacation leaves
  • HMO coverage (medical and dental) for you, even during probationary period, and your qualified dependents
  • Life Insurance
  • Study Assistance Program
  • Cool office spaces and employee-centric facilities
  • Accessible locations
  • Mentoring and development programs for career growth opportunities
  • Exclusive discounts in partner establishments
  • Company-sponsored interest clubs
  • Employee engagement activities
  • Volunteer programs
  • SYKES has been in the Philippines for more than 20 years and is considered the country’s first multinational contact center!
  • Term and conditions apply.
  • The compensation package is inclusive of incentives and allowances. The basic salary varies depending on your assessment.
Disclaimer: Some hiring requirements are filled immediately. To check if this job opening is still available, you may send our team a message through09778259999following this format – BossJob: .


Stable High-Speed Internet Connection and Power Supply

Working on-site means you can take advantage of SYKES’ high-speed Internet connection and stable power supply. This means less work interruption and better productivity which can help you maximize your account’s incentives.

Conducive Work Environment

Having a dedicated workspace with minimal background noise is important, not only in maintaining the quality of your conversations with your customers, but also in keeping your focus. Our production floors are designed to provide you with the best work environment possible.

Rigid Safety Protocols

Our employees’ safety is our top priority. Our sites have been awarded Safety Seal Certifications by the respective local governments and we ensure the strict implementation of health and safety protocols at all times.
  • Disinfections carried out by our partner supplier are done thrice a week to ensure on-site safety
  • Rigid cleaning, misting, and sanitation procedures are also implemented to ensure that our sites are safe and clean. This includes deploying air purifiers/cleaners, regular cleaning of air-conditioning units and their filters, and incorporating proper ventilation with the use of industrial blowers and exhausts within the sites
  • SYKES observes strict re-entry protocols which include thermal scanning, foot bath, and daily health questionnaire. We also follow a no face mask, no face shield, no entry policy.
  • Alcohol/sanitizer dispensers are available inside workspaces and in the common areas.
Health Benefits And Programs
  • HMO – available even during the probationary period and includes two free dependents for married and solo-parent employees
  • Free COVID-19 Vaccine for Employees
  • Free COVID-19 Home Care Management Program for employees and members of their household (including non-relatives)
  • Mental Wellness Program


    By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read and understood SYKES Recruitment and Privacy Policy (https://www.sykes.com/philippines/sykes-recruitment-and-privacy-policy/). You attest that the personal information you provided, such as, among others, those pertaining to your academic and professional qualifications are accurate, true, complete, and not misleading.

    In addition, you give your consent to SYKES to verify the information you have provided relative to your application. This includes checks with your previous employers, academic and/or professional institutions and other agencies as permitted by law.

    You further understand that SYKES is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your personal data through the institution of appropriate legal, organizational, physical and technical measures to protect such data consistent with applicable privacy and data security laws. You confirm and consent to SYKES (i) collecting, processing and updating your personal data in connection with your employment application and the provision of services through the Sykes e-Recruitment (e-Rec) portal; (ii) publishing your personal data via SYKES e-Rec portal (iii) transferring of your personal data to Sykes affiliates, vendors and third parties in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

    You are also aware that you are entitled to know whether SYKES holds your personal data, that you have the right to access your personal data, and that you may request for its supplementation, correction, or deletion, in accordance with local laws, as may be applicable. However, you acknowledge that certain personal data may be exempt from such access, correction and deletion requests pursuant to applicable data protection laws and regulations.

    You confirm and consent to receiving alerts and notices from SYKES regarding important events, deadlines and schedules, HR announcements and other matters of interest related to your work application and possible employment with SYKES.

    What are we looking for?
    • Open to Fresh Graduates in Banking & Finance, BS Administration, Communications
    • BPO experience is an advantage
    • Willing to work in Graveyard/Night Shift
    • Basic knowledge of computer usage and internet navigation
    • Can communicate in English
    • TIP: Have your SSS and PAG-IBIG numbers ready for faster application processing!
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