Job type: Full Time

Salary: 3033 PHP / month

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• Direct, prepare or supervise cooking and other food preparation activities on a daily basis
• Monitor and oversee sanitation practices to ensure that regulations and standards of cleanliness are always being strictly adhered to by employees. Make corrections or terminate employees as needed when standards are not being followed
• Coordinate all food purchasing, budgeting and planning operations with other staff members
• Analyze recipes and make menu changes when necessary to keep customers happy and to minimize overhead costs when possible
• Meet with customers as needed to arrange menu items and negotiate prices for catering weddings, banquets and other special occasions
• Inspect cooking equipment, supplies, work areas and ingredients to ensure constant conformance to regulatory standards
• Determine when additional help is needed to maintain satisfactory service, then recruit, interview and hire staff when needed, including kitchen workers and cooks
• Establish production and staff schedules to ensure that there is sufficient help at all times to ensure timely delivery of food services
Job Skills & Qualifications

• Knowledge of food-related curriculum and training techniques
• Understanding of raw materials, quality control and other techniques for the effective creation and distribution of food products
• Excellent customer service skills
• Knowledge of food preparation regulations and standards
• Ability to use common kitchen tools, including cutlery, graters and ranges
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Contact Information

Address: Manila, Metro Manila

Deadline: 16-10-2023

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