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Job type: Full-time

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Below Is a Summary Ofscope Of Responsibilities
  • Listings Management & Marketing
  • Securing Authority To Sell/ Authority to Lease from Property owners
  • Coordinating and taking photos of properties
  • Uploading listings on all online sites including all social media platforms
  • Regular Email, SMS, and Viber/Whatsapp Blasting to Broker groups
  • Coordinating property showing schedules among Brokers, Owners, Clients
  • Categorizing Listings to specific areas
  • Creating/Editing graphic content
  • Updating database and CRM system
  • Brainstorming on strategies
  • Administrative Work
  • Drafting Contracts (templates are provided)
  • Preparing closing documents for lease and sales transactions
  • Preparing “Request for Payment” (RFP) for commissions and monitoring from Accounting Department if deposited
  • Following up and collecting rental payments from tenants and monitoring lease contracts check for renewals
  • Managing Directors’ calendars and scheduling appointments
  • Coordinating with liaison officers for transfer/processing of title/tax declaration
  • Procuring certified true copies of title and tax declaration
  • Payment of real property tax in city hall
  • Client Management
  • Replying and pre-­‐qualifying leads
  • Encoding and updating leads into CRM
  • Troubleshooting issues and concerns
  • Depositing of rental checks
  • Preparing Statement of Accounts for Clients (property management accounts)
  • Payment of utilities/association dues on behalf of clients (property management accounts)
Work Schedule
  • Monday to Fridays: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Saturdays/Sundays: On-­‐call only if necessary
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