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Update day: 12-02-2024

Location: Caloocan City National Capital Reg

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Job type: Full-time

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· Human Resource

1. Facilitates onboarding, training and employee welfare programs for newly-hired and incumbent employees.

2. Assists in the manpower sourcing and review of manpower requirements.

3. Assists in the investigation and processing of disciplinary actions across branch-level employees

4. Facilitates performance review of branch-level employees for prescribed intervals.

5. Assists in planning and implementation of employee and office welfare programs and activities.

6. Facilitates employment-related compliances across branches.

7. Liases with applicable regulatory bodies for compliance requirements.

· Administrative

· Administrative

a. Oversees the availability of Central Office asset and consumable inventory based on set budget.

b. Reviews, processes and facilitates purchase requisition of asset and consumable office supplies through set procurement and service bidding policy.

c. Facilitates supplier and service provider sourcing, quotation and accreditation through set procurement and service bidding policy.

d. Facilitates pull-out and recording of inventory requests from departments.

e. Monitors company and department usage of office consumable supplies against set budget.

f. Monitors movement of company assets for traceability of accountability.

g. Facilitates service requests for general office maintenance and repair.

h. Facilitates retention and warranty claims for supplies and services procured based on guarantee arrangement.

i. Oversees and schedules maintenance activities of office facilities, fixtures and equipment.

j. Facilitates and coordinates the regular conduct of:

i. Office Disinfection

ii. Pest Control Activities

k. Facilitates and monitors lease and leasehold contracts to ensure timely updating and renewals and escalation rates.

l. Facilitates and monitors renewal of insurance coverage for employees, office and warehouse facilities and vehicle.

o Coordinates with Supply Chain Department for motorpool management, registration renewals, and maintenance activities.

o Acts as company Safety Officer ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and formulates policies to ensure SOPs are in place and implemented.

o Conducts regular office facility audit to ensure compliance to established safety, security and sanitation standards.

o Provides consultative assistance to branches and subsidiaries for administrative and operational concerns.

o Assists in cascading and training of safety, security and sanitation SOPs to branches and subsidiaries.

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Deadline: 28-03-2024

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