Salary: 17000 - 19000 PHP / month

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Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Preparations of documents that will be able to execute the quality assurance system of manufacturing line and Quality group (Work Instruction, Packaging Standard, Inspection standard, Trend control checkpoint, Control plan, FMEA).
  • Provide Job Instruction Sheet to production for reference use
  • Ensure the preparation of Inspection standard of new product before mass production and revision if there pinpointed changes.
  • Prepare Quality Control Plan to products .Revised them if there are changes base on customer requirements.
  • Assists the QC supervisor in the preparation and review of FMEA,SPC.
  • Improvement Projects Provide Job Instruction Sheet to production for reference use.
  • Formulates projects for improvements for Production Processes and QA group such as elimination of waste, improve quality or efficiency and others.
  • Spearhead the projects for improvements to quality assurance department.
  • Implement and Monitor projects and its effectiveness.
  • Analyze quality problem contributed by 4M and 1E (Machine, Man, Method, Material and Environment).
  • Attend in the evaluations and simulations initiated by engineering group,molding,tooling,injection group to determine root cause of the quality problem.
  • Attend group analysis and discussion as necessary to determine the root cause of the problem and its appropriate corrective actions.
  • Assures that all data were gathered that can be used for the investigations, evaluations and corrective actions.
  • Formulates Corrective Action for the quality problems and keep close coordination to production section about the action taken for the verification of result and effectiveness.
  • Attend daily, monthly meeting and other meetings as required by management
  • Be present and on time on all scheduled meeting.
  • Assure that all relevant information is reported accurately and completely, and the final action taken is effective.
  • Be sure that all information declared was effective and there a reference basis.
  • Attend Customer meeting with regard to Weekly Quality performance.
  • Environmental Aspect and Impact
  • Assists the QC Supervisor in determining Significant Aspects of the assigned Process.
  • Hazard Identification
  • Responsible in conducting Risk Assessment of the assigned Machine or Process.
  • Coordinates with the Safety Officer for concerns regarding safety. Responsible in implementing corrective actions for the identified hazards.
  • Responsible in implementing corrective actions for the identified hazards.
  • Revise the Hazard Identification documents as necessary.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substance
  • Ensure that all materials that have direct contact to products or possible commingling used in the Process Operations are ROHS compliance
  • Ensure that all new items or newly purchased items that have direct contact to products are ROHS compliance
  • In case of HS Materials are necessary to use, proper controls shall be followed.
  • Immediate relay of information to Supervisor for any process/activities abnormalities encountered for their awareness to the problem.
  • Check and guarantees that the section conforms to the set procedure in reporting the trouble report with respect to 4M & 1E variation.(Man, Machine, Method, Material & Environment).
  • Prepares, revises, checks and reviews Procedures, Work Instructions, References and other related documents
  • Ensures that information stated on documents are accurate and conform to requirements in order to guarantee proper operations
  • Educate concerned employees (e.g. operator, production technical, line leader and/or supervisor) about the contents of the documents.
  • Ensures that the data reflected on documents will conform on the requirement in order to guarantee proper operations.
  • Maintains the PTPI Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety System in place to meet the Company’s Quality Objectives and Targets.
  • Assures that all existing procedures and regulations concerning the section are strictly followed.
  • Customer Feedback / complaints
  • Responsible for the gathering of data and input needed in the closure of One’s customer feedback.
  • To comply with the company’s code of conduct, policies and EICC provisions.
  • And all other tasks assigned by the superior related to the job objective as per job requirements.


  • Bachelor’s / College Degree in Engineering courses.
  • Licensure is a plus but not required
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years in project management and supervisory experience
  • With Experience in a plastic injection molding company is an advantage.
  • Good investigative and problem-solving skills with excellent attention to detail.
  • Good interpersonal skills and organizational skills.
  • Well organized and capable of meeting agreed deadlines; exhibit good motivational skills to bring out the best in team members
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