Quantity Surveyor (Electrical)


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Update day: 29-11-2022

Location: Quezon Calabarzon & Mimaropa Laguna

Category: Other


Salary: Negotiate

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  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree , Professional License (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam), Engineering (Electrical/Electronic) or equivalent.
  • At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Quantity Surveying or equivalent.
  • • Prepare/obtain Quantity take-off for the Architectural Works based on the schematic plan;
    • Prepare/obtain Quantity take-off for the Structural Works based on the elemental parameters;
    • Prepare BQ and cost all the quantities therein for the approval of Unit Head;
    • Maintain, monitor and update Cost Data Bank thru:
    2..1 Prepare project data of the awarded project & upload it in the data bank in the server;
    2..2 Evaluate cost submitted by quotation for current project and to be added in the Cost Data Bank.
    • Detailed measurement take-off;
    • Input all the evaluated & acceptable cost of the corresponding items with quantities in the Bill;
    • Prepare/identify plans for photocopy for pick-up of subcons/suppliers;
    • Prepare letter for request of quotation from subcons/suppliers for different items for costings;
    • Obtain accurate Quantity take-off for the following scope of works as per assignment;
    • Identify queries, qualifications made during the course of quantity take-off;
    • Review completeness of the attachment being requested for approval RBR which includes; Subcon proposal for said scope of work;
    • Preparation of Abstract of Bid/analysis for approval of the unit head & endorsement to Bidcom;
    • Log the reference RBR no at the Estimating Server for Monitoring;
    • Review completeness of the attachment being requested for approval QER, which includes:
    2..1 Operating Budget for the scope of work subject for QER or SAP copy;
    2..2 Subcon/s Proposal for the said scope of work;
    2..3 Approved Change Order from the owner if owner initiated.
    2..4 Memo from the Project Manager regarding the change order if MDC initiated;
    • Reconciled quantity with Quantity Surveyor if applicable;
    • Log the reference QER no at the Estimating Server for Monitoring;
    • Evaluate and reconciliation of Variation (Change Orders);
    • Prepare and monitor RBR;
    • Prepare regularly issued Progress Billings (Interim Valuation);
    • Prepare site measurement and % accomplishment;
    • Prepare documentation and submit renewal of Corporate Licenses (PCAB; POCB; Customs Accreditation);
    • Create/amend contracts of all MDC projects in SAP;
    • Assist in processing billings of Legal retainers including insurance & bonding companies;
    • Assist in the preparation of required documents in securing bonds and insurances;
    • Secure and monitor bonds and insurances of entire MDC project;
    • Coordinates with bonding and insurance company’s representatives for other documents needed in securing bonds;
    • Update MDC profile to bonding and insurance company;
    • Monitor & Secure bond/insurances extensions for MDC projects;
    • Assist in securing of construction licenses from government regulatory agencies (i.e. Philgeps - DPWH);
    • Assist/Prepare documents in securing Certifications from government regulatory agencies;
    • Prepare contracts as requested by all MDC projects including those from the corporate & MDC Employees for review & Notarization i.e. Lease Contract;
    • Service Agreements, security agencies, hospitals/ clinics, retainers, employees etc.;
    • Prepare and issue a) Affidavit; b) Quit Claims; c) Proj Undertakings; based on the requests made by all MDC projects for their progress billings, retentions, bonds etc.;
    • Prepare the request of Secretary’s Certificate/Board Resolutions for the General AIF including specific acts and updating them regularly in coordination with ALI Legal;
    • Assist in the preparation and review contract documents between MDC and client (between MDC, ALI and ALI subsidiaries based on SLA);
    • Prepare pre-qualification requirements of MDC in private and public projects:
    2..1 Attends pre-qualification meetings for prospective Clients.
    • Coordinate with the different department of the Company:
    2..1 Finance department with regards to Financial Capability of the Company;
    2..2 Engineering department for Table of Organization (T.O);
    2..3 Human Resource Group for the updated resume of the identified person from T.O;
    2..4 EHS department for certification of Quality Management and other required documents (e.g. DOLE certification);
    2..5 ECPD for equipment owned by MDC.
    • Assist in the bidding process of MDC in private and public projects;
    • Assist/Prepare and up-date MDC Company Profile;
    • Monitor MDC Projects Monthly Accomplishment Report (for Net Financial Contracting Capacity of MDC);
    • Prepare and compile proper filing of records of the department;
    • Monitor OPB issued by COG for Variation works;
    • Check completeness of the attachment being request for approval Operating Budget, to wit:
    2..1 Operations Bill of Quantities that sums up the amount requested for Operating Budget;
    2..2 Reconciled quantities with Quantity Surveyor;
    • Coordinate with COG of respective projects, if there are clarifications on the OPB submissions;
    • Preparation of Endorsement Letter and assign OPB no. for approval of all the signatories.
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