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Receive job order (J.O.) from Service Manager for works that are related to outside service product.

•Communicate with the customer representative in charge of the service activity to obtain all necessary information that will need in the planning activities and also as an initial communication.

•Confer with the production planner for the availability of manpower, tools, equipment, test instruments and transportation services.

•Plans and prepares production schedules for project implementation; draws up master schedule to establish sequence and lead time of each operation to meet delivery dates according to sales commitment or customer needs.

•Analyse equipment specifications, site condition, working condition, scope of activities and allotted time of completion so that the appropriate work method and work schedule will be design.

•Prepare list of all necessary documents, work complying manpower, applicable and fitted tools, equipment and test instrument properly check and tested.

•Submit the list to the production planner to be ready and to be dispatch as schedule.

•Prior to every mobilization he is tasked to assemble the team and introduce the assign field leader/foremen/leadmen together with his official authority with

discussing the company standard dispatching procedures and mandatory guidelines.

•Daily monitoring with the field leader/foremen/leadmen to update the status of the ongoing projects with proper documentation and approve their several requests including manpower and overtime request.

• Constantly communicating with the customer representative reporting the project

development and to hear his side and observation.

• As necessary perform site visit of the on-going project for purposes of validation or meeting with the client either requested or personal action.

Check, review and approve service reports related to the outside service project and assure its early submission to the customer as it is necessary with respect to the service work rendered.

• Plan for the training, seminars and other program needed that will further improve own personal and team member capability, capacity, skills, work ethics, character and personality.

• Source out for new technology, equipment, test instruments, tools and machines that will further boost the product that being handled.

• Assist the sales team either in the office/plant or outside in the product presentation to educate, enlighten or understand our work method and procedure in relation to the product being handled.

• Other duties as assigned.


• Good written and oral communication skills

• The ability to plan and manage a project

• Good people skills for working with a range of colleagues and clients

• The ability to lead and motivate a team-LEADERSHIP SKILLS

• Willingness to work long hours

• Willingness to travel

• Can work under pressure

• Familiar with Microsoft MS Project

• Familiar with Customer Relation Management (CRM)


• Licensed Electrical Engineer

• With at least 2-5 years working experience in a related field

• Candidate must be self-motivated with a tract record of handling projects

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