Job type: Full Time

Salary: Negotiate

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- Ensure Services work is delivered on time and profitable.
- Works with Internal and External Resources to deliver services in a timely and profitable manner.
- Provide a BA/PM for internal Systems to implement M-Files and Infosuite Products.
- Ensure Services Contract are properly documented to control scope creep.
- Develop new Services that can be delivered directly by PS.
- Develop and enhance Services Pricing models.
- Oversee the monitoring and management of all project lifecycle internal to Infomax and to external customers.
- Develop and implement Professional Services terms and conditions, policies and best practice guides for the Sales Team aligned to the organization’s policy and processes.
- Design Training programs and workshops for the skills improvement of team members.
- Project, manage and monitor the allocation of Professional Services budget.
- Conduct a regular Team Meeting to get project updates and issues/concerns of her team members for action plan.
- Manage and monitor internal and external project implementations.
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Contact Information

Address: Manila, Metro Manila

Deadline: 04-10-2023

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