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We are currently looking for a budding Supply Chain fanatic to join the Lazada family. This is a fantastic opportunity for young supply chain professional with 2+ years of experience and have a huge passion in Supply Chain Optimization. At Lazada, we use technology to delight our customers; we innovate to make our customers’ lives better. As the Supply & Demand expert, you will be charged to leverage on such technology with your experience, knowledge and ideas to ensure an exceptional level of product availability to our customers through effective planning, forecasting and management of suppliers’ relationships.

Central to this role is a set of KPIs that you are expected to lead and make change for the products. Having sole ownership and accountability in your portfolio to drive supply chain performances. These KPI include product availability, customer fulfilment, wastage and inventory level optimisation, whilst contributing directly to the business revenue and profitability.

You will manage a range of products and be responsible for improving supplier performance, and working closely with Merchandising, Marketing, Finance and Operations teams. Supply Chain continuous improvement is key. You will use your expertise and knowledge to make change in systems, gather insights and improve processes at your disposal.

Reporting to the Head of Sourcing, you will be working both independently and as part of LazMall team.

You will:

• Lead and drive change in your designated portfolio in terms of supply chain optimization.

• Establish strong relationships internally and externally to achieve efficiency of the supply chain.

• Fully own forecast and supply planning across your product range.

• Manage demands of stakeholders, internal and suppliers.

• Ensure optimal stock levels and availability of your accounts.

• Follow up on technical and procedural disruptions in the supply chain.

• Analyse promotional, seasonal and event plans for your range of products.

• Identify opportunities for process change, communicate sound ideas and implement them effectively.

• Report on trends and improve performance for your products and suppliers.

• Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, or to discuss production forecasts or changes.

• Ensure accurate, timely and efficient purchase order management.

• Optimise supply plans while integrating constraints, such as inbound capacities, product receiving specifications and supplier MOQs.

• Work unsupervised and remotely.

Job Requirements

To be successful in this role, you must be fast on your feet and focused on getting things done. You must be able to embrace the unexpected and dispense challenges with grace and finesse. You are able to appreciate the need for structure and processes but are also flexible to changes and improvements. Most importantly, you care about never, ever seeing the words ‘out-of-stock’ on the Lazada website.

An extra awesome candidate will show:

• Perseverance. The pace is fast and challenges will get more complex, but we never, ever give up.

• A love for numbers. You will see lots of them. You will need to embrace them. Maybe even dream of them.

• Strong attention to detail. Is there a spelling mistake in this document?

• Teamwork and relationship management skills. You will need to work with many internal stakeholders and suppliers to achieve the best possible outcome.

• Sound logic and reasoning even under pressure. Decisions need to be handled rationally in the best interest of our customers and exceptions will need to be managed with extreme discretion.

• Distaste for ignorance. The best decisions are also informed ones. A good sourcing senior analyst will know his/her portfolio well and will plan according to constraints and/or business requirements.

• Foresight. This role has significant downstream impact and every decision will send ripples throughout the business. We will always need to put the customers first, but without creating unsustainable business practices.

• Tolerance for ambiguity and ability to take informed risks. You will not have perfect information, and that’s just life. We do not just talk about theories or concepts, we implement them in situations that we do not have 100% control.

• Financial savviness. You will be spending the company’s money and making decisions that affect business costs. The weight of this responsibility cannot be overstated.

• Ownership. You will be empowered to make decisions and follow through with all responsibilities.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills. There is a saying that “if you cannot convince them, confuse them”. We do not want confusion, so good communication is a must.

• The ability to bend time to your will. Or be really good at time management. There will be lots to do and being ruthless about prioritising is key to getting things done.

• A sense of humour. Because your manager needs one.

You’ll also have:

• Bachelor’s degree in supply chain, business management, engineering or other related fields.

• Experience in a supply chain planning environment

• Experience in FMCG as a retailer or supplier preferred

• Excellent understanding of replenishment and forecasting processes, techniques and systems

• Intermediate to advanced level of skill in Microsoft Excel

• Can communicate in English

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Deadline: 28-03-2024

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