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Update day: 29-11-2022

Location: Bulacan Central Luzon

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Sr. Operations Managers adhere to key performance indicators, metrics, and ratios ensuring maximum team performance. Support site and Chime ramps, reporting, and manage day-to-day operations of their team to include operational metrics such as absenteeism, attrition, in-chair occupancy, schedule adherence, escalations, customer satisfaction, etc. Provide coaching and development of TL’s and ultimately their entire team on all vendor and Chime metrics. Utilize systems and procedures to improve the operating quality and efficiency of the operations. Consistently work to improve processes and performance that enhance overall Chime relationship and Customer Satisfaction. Improve efficiency and accuracy of business process; create and implement process improvements. Manage the staff in accordance with company policies, procedures, and Chime metrics. Managers are responsible for the engagement and development of their teams, communicating and affirming directives, and coaching action plans. Managers create and maintain a positive work environment.

Key Responsibilities:
· Coaching the TLs (at least one Coaching Session per Week)
· Two Triad sessions per TL per month
· Weekly performance read outs with Chime
· CE training completion of their cluster
· Escalated Calls
· Call Monitoring
· One escalated call evaluation per team per week
· Call Inspections/Side by sides
· Outlier Management
· Performance / Trends
· Rewards and Recognition
· Team Meetings
· Weekly Strategy and Performance Meetings
· Collaborate with Chime and onsite Vendor Managers

Position Measurable & Deliverables
Roll up of Cluster:

· Performance Dashboard
· Triad Sessions
· Calibration
· Call Handling (OM handled calls)
· Compliance
· Quality
· CE weekly and monthly completion for their cluster

Professional commitments (Individual Level)
· Attendance
· Training Completion
· Previous Day’s Performance, Week to Date and Month to Date Performance
· Glide path to target / goals for the day
· Recognition
· Hot & Critical Items (i.e., open items, tickets, etc.)
· Scorecard Utilization & Coaching Reminders and Updates
· Review Coaching Sessions and Meetings scheduled for the day
· Ensure 3-5 coaching sessions per team are scheduled for the day
· Ensure documentation is complete and uploaded immediately after coaching session
· End of Day Recognition

· Corrective Action Review
· Escalations
· Manage site show rate
· Oversee cluster productivity: AHT, OCC levels
· Update Continuous Education completion
· Touch base with TL on team performance
· Live call inspections
· CE training completion of their cluster
· Escalated call evaluations
· TL inbound call evaluations
· Touch base with cluster on performance
· Coaching session with TL’s
· Monitor TL deliverables
· Glide-Path Updates for their clusters
· Update Continuous Education completion of their cluster
· Review shrinkage and In-Chair Occupancy
· Coaching Calibration Triad session

Training / Certification Required
· On-Boarding
· Chime Product Training & Nesting (4-weeks)
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